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Team Raffee Co. Steel Stinger Front Bumper with Towing Hooks Winch Mount Shackles & LED Light Set Black for Axial SCX10 II

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  • This is a front steel stinger universal bumper that will fit on SCX10II it also has a location for a winch which has loads of different mounting holes for different types of winches. In the bag you will also get some scale tow hooks and 2 white LED’s with all the necessary mounting screws.



    • 200mm Wide
    • 70mm Tall
    • 60mm Thick



    • 1x Steel Stinger Front Bumper
    • 2x SCX10 Mounts
    • 2x Tow Hooks
    • 2x LED
    • 1x Bag of Screws  
  • Color: Black
  • Product total weight: 146.00 grams
  • Package size: 22.00x22.00x10.00cm
  • Factory description: Team Raffee Co. Axial SCX10 II Realistic Steel Stinger Front Bumper w/Towing Hooks & LED Light Set
  • Manufactured by Team Raffee Co.
  • Manufacturer number: TRC/302249

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