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Kratos Six by 3Brothers - 6 pole sensored brushless

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*these are waterproof and include wires*

This motor offers the ultimate in low-speed control and torque.



* 540-sized sensored brushless motor

* 6-pole staggered-magnet rotor

* 18-slot stator

* New phase-magnet isolation design. 


Additional features:

* 1900kv (2s-4s voltage) or 3800kv (2s-3s voltage) options

* 5mm pinion shaft

* Gold-plated solder tabs, for low resistance / protection against corrosion

* Adjustable timing

* Billet CNC one-piece shell with end cap for durability and improved cooling.



Technical Specifications

  * RPM(KV)                             1900                                3800

  * Construction                      18s/6p                             18s/6p

  * No load current@7.2v          2.0A                                 3.0A

  * Operation Voltage            4.5v-16.8v                       4.5v-12.6v

  * Max current                         80A                                 140A

  * Max efficiency                      91%                                 91%

  * Max working temp               302f                                 302f

  * Dimensions                    L52 x D35.8                      L52 x D35.8

  * Weight                              172.6g                                204.8g

  * Pinion shaft                      L15 x D5                            L15 x D5


Waterproofing: includes extra conformal coating and sealant.


Wiring kit: includes 12AWG silicon, high-strand wires, 4mm gold bullet connectors, and sensor wire with gold-plated connectors.