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JX B70 Servo 70KG (972oz) 12V brushless Metal Gear High Torque Digital Servo

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  • Fully waterproof and aluminum case. Takes up to 15V battery.

    • Voltage range:11.1V-15V
    • Pulse width:1000-2000 μs=90°
    • Pulse width:500-2500 μs=180°
    • Dead band: 2μs 1520 μs / 330hz
    • Motor: brushless motor
    • Operating Speed (11.1V): 0.1sec/60°
    • Operating Speed (14.0V): 0.08sec/60°
    • Stall Torque (11.1V): 61 kg.cm (847oz.in)
    • Stall Torque (14.0V): 72kg.cm (999oz.in)
    • Dimensions:40X20X43.3mm
    • Weight: 87g
    • Connector Wire Length: JR 265 mm
    • Bearing: 2BB
  • Product total weight: 133.00 grams
  • Factory description: JX Servo 70KG 12V Brushless Metal Gear Large Torque Digital Servo
  • Manufactured by JX Servo
  • Manufacturer number: JX/B70