HD Battery Tray + Servo & Bumper Mount for SCX10 2

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HD, you ask? Yes...Heavy Duty! If you like running steering servos with massive torque and pushing your truck to the limits, you'll love our new HD Battery Tray with Servo and Bumper Mount for the Axial SCX10 II. We have strengthened every aspect of our popular battery tray and servo mounts and added a beefy front bumper mount for even more strength. To top it off, we've even incorporated a fairlead for your winch line if you run a servo winch (servo winch mount sold separately). This version is printed in-house in ultra-light, ultra-strong carbon fiber nylon. This tray works with all versions of the Axial SCX10 II, including RTR versions, and it can be used in combination with our Forward Mount Transmission Cradle on the kit version. As if that weren't enough, it's works great as a direct, bolt-on replacement for the GMade BOM's rubbery battery tray, steering servo mount and front bumper mount. So go ahead...toss in that 500+ oz-inch servo and give it all you got! Need a battery strap? Check out our 200mm Non-slip Battery Straps in our Accessories and SWAG section: https://www.bowhouserc.com/Accessories-and-SWAG-c2... INSTALLATION TIPS 1. Before installation, we recommend clearing out the screw mounting holes with a 3/32" drill bit running at a slow speed. This will remove any excess powder left from the finishing process and make it easier to start the screws. 2. We recommend cleaning out the bumper mount holes with a 5/16" drill bit to make it easier for your bumper posts to slide in. 3. Be careful not to overtighten screws. We recommend tightening all screws by hand. You can use a dab of Shoe Goo or E6000 to help keep screws tight. 4. Add a battery strap and you're ready to hit the trails!