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Gen8 high clearance skid

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There are lots of things to like about the Redcat Gen8.  But the bulbous mass under the skid isn't one of them.  No worries...our N2R High Clearance Skid for the Gen8 eliminates that unsightly protrusion and adds over 5mm of ground clearance, allowing your Gen8 to glide over roots and rocks with ease.  Skids are printed in-house using high-strength nylon.

Package includes 1 skid and 4x M3 locknuts

Installation tips

  • If you are not planning to replace the stock driveshafts, we do NOT recommend trying to remove them when installing the skid.  Stock driveshafts are secured with red thread-lock that is extremely difficult to remove, and it is NOT necessary to remove the driveshafts to replace the skid.
  • Start by removing the stock battery tray and transfer case from the stock skid.  Then disconnect all 7 links from the stock skid, followed by the remaining 8 screws that secure the skid to the chassis.
  • Chassis rails will flex enough to allow you to remove the stock skid and install the N2R skid without having to detach bumper mounts or cross-members.
  • After installing the N2R skid, you will need to use the included 4x M3 locknuts to secure the screws that pass through the front and back of the stock sliders into the forward-most and rear-most holes in the stock skid.
  • Here's in important installation tip for anyone that has purchased one of our BowHouse RC N2R High Clearance Skids for the Redcat Racing Gen8. We've had a couple of customers contact us with small cracks that developed while installing the rear upper links, and there's a very simple fix to prevent this from happening. Simply place an M3 washer between the rod end and the skid when installing the rear upper links, and don't overtighten. As with all plastic parts, we recommend tightening by hand, not with a power driver. If you've already installed your skid without issues, you should be fine, but you can always go back and add the washers to the rear upper links.