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PRCW Cheapy Winch Controller by AD-RC

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  • AD-RC Smart Winch Controller                      


    • Suitable for RC crawler winch
    • Fully remote operated by 1 channel
    • Selectable remote control by a 2-step or a 3-step button / switch
    • 2 selectable button operating modes, i.e. cyclic and direct control
    • Automatic rewind-end detection
    • Winch speed control by a dial knob or a VR or a button with direct control
    • 4 selectable sensitivity levels for rewind-end detection
    • Power supplied from a servo cable
    • Miniature size
    • Perfectly match with AD-RC03



    • Board Dimension:16mm x 32mm x 12mm
    • Operating Voltage: BEC 5.0V / 6.0V
    Operating Current: Max 1.5A
  • Product total weight: 12.00 grams
  • Factory description: Ana-Digit Ltd AD Winch Controller
  • Manufactured by Ana-Digit Ltd
  • Manufacturer number: AD/AD-Winch Controller
  • Will work with Hand of God winches from Precision RC Works

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