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Boom Racing Adjustable Dually Adapter for 5-Lug Beadlock Wheel

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  • For you scale heads looking to do a work truck project, this is an Adjustable Hardened Steel Dually Adapter for 5 Lug Beadlock Wheel. Use true beadlock wheels for dually setup instead of glued on wheels that don't work well.

    Compatible with our reversible 1.55" steelie beadlock wheels.

    This adapter allows you to adjust the width in between the tires from 8.5mm to 14.5mm, meaning you can choose different tire widths. Any tires between this width range (24mm/0.94" to 33mm/1.3") will work and leave just the right amount of gap in between the tires.

    Using the tires we recommend here below, you will be able to see a gap in between the dually tires for realism.

    We recommend these tires:
    1.55" SP Road Tracker #BRTR15501
    1.55" Baby Hustler #BRTR15502

    Adjustable width: 8.5-14.5mm
    Material: Hardened Steel

    Will fit:
    • Boom Racing 16-Hole 1.55 Steelie Beadlock #BRW780955

    • 2x Hardened Steel Hub
    • 2x Connector
    • 2x M4 Barrel Nut - 16mm
    • 2x M4 Barrel Nut - 11mm
    • 4x Spacer D6x11x2
    • 4x Spacer D6x11x1
    • 4x Washer D5x8x2
    • 10x M2x8 Socket Cap Screw
    • 4x M4x6 Set Screw
    • Instruction Manual

    For matching front wheels, use the same 16-Hole Steelie Beadlocks #BRW780955 (same wheel, reversible).
  • Product total weight: 78.00 grams
  • Factory description: Boom Racing Adjustable Dually Adapter (5 Lug) 8.5mm to 14.5mm
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing
  • Manufacturer number: BRXT5DU