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Thank you all for the patience, without further ado, we would like to introduce the #TrailRunner.
Enduro RTR featuring our ifs kit!
Clean white Trailrunner body with included: fender flares, wipers, mirrors, door handles, grill, rear lower valence, rear spoiler, roof rack, snorkel, 3PC front bumper assembly, and Magnaflow exhaust!
New channelled sliders.
Thicker body material.
All plastics updated to harder materials.
Updated rodends.
Same solid StealthX transmission with included optional overdrive gears.
1.55 General AT tires mounted to our Trigon 1.55 wheels.
Clear windows with frosted tint.
And a massive matte decal sheet featuring multiple liveries, bump stickers, and more.
ALL INCLUDED IN THE BOX! 😳👊 #ElementRC #JourneyTheElements #WeAreAE #KeepRCFun