The WARtH.O.G. (Hand Of God, HOG) WARTHOG 444oz - internal

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The H.O.G.

The new H.O.G. (Hand Of God) WARtHOG When you need winch that can break stuff and move rocks!  Be extremely careful with this winch.  The coreless motor is fast and strong.

This winch has an awesome 444 oz/in of pulling power at only 6v. Equipped with approx 6ft of 300lb line.

These now come with a JST plug to use a Dragon winch controller or one of our cheap ESC style controllers. A Dragon is highly recommended.

All winches are back by a limited lifetime warranty against defects!

*Please note, due to the nature of this item, it will only be warranted against failure of the free spool mechanism. If it breaks mail it back in for a quote on service to repair or replace. Motors, gears, and other parts can all be replaced thru depot service at very reasonable rates.*


*Does not include a winch controller.*

*You may request a string color in the notes, otherwise a random color will be sent. No guaranties on string colors.*

Manufactured by Precision RC.