Ottsix VooDoo KLR 4.19 AT tires - VEX Red Compound

Ottsix VooDoo KLR 4.19 AT tires - VEX Red Compound

  • $30.00
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These tires were specifically designed from the ground up with a brand new compound technology to afford both superior grip while maintaining a rigid shape, and consistent performance throughout.

These are the brand new 4.19" tall tires for class 1 use. They are all the new soft red compound. Choose from 3 different tread patterns. AT, MT, and MTX.

The KLR tires have surpassed every other tire that we at RC Addict have tested thus far. Even in the hardest "Blue" compound, these tires walk lines that other tires have failed out.

I personally love the wide flat foot print and the way the tread cleans fast and easily. I also love that the sidewall is designed to not fold over like many other tire brands.

These tires mounted up easily to the several sets up wheels we tried them on and have just blown as away with the quality.

These tires do not come with foams. You can add your own foams however we recommend using the Voodoo foams designed specifically for this tire. You will be amazed at the performance. Foams can be found here:

Tires come in pairs, order 2 for a complete set.