Holmes Hobbies TrailMaster BLE Pro ESC - Waterproof

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The TrailMaster BLE Pro is designed with high quality and top performance to satisfy your need for power.

Based on time tested hardware from Castle Creations, it features in-depth computer programming via Castle link and high power density. With adjustable drag brake, punch, throttle, brake, and so much more- you can tune the feel of your rig. Adjustable switching frequency allows for silent operation and efficiency tuning.

Whether you are going to the races or off road with your 4wd truck, the TrailMaster BLE Pro will dish out more than your 1/10th scale rig can handle!

Waterproofed for those that go off the beaten path...


  • 2s-6s (25.2v MAX) input
  • 80 amp continous power handling
  • Adjustable internal BEC (5v-7v) (when running high current servos, and external BEC is recommended)
  • Dimensions: 47x38x23mm
  • 2.6oz
  • Brushed or Brushless Operation
  • Sensorless capable
  • Warranty: 1 year/60 days for waterproofed version