Holmes Puller Pro BL 540 2200kv - standard size (waterproof)

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High Power, High Torque, High Performance, Smooth Startup!

When you want efficient power in a brushless sensored motor,
the Puller Pro delivers. Perfectly suited as a drop in motor for any
heavy 2 or 4WD truck that uses 540 size motors, the Puller Pro 540 is
more than just your regular size motor. It crams in more stator and
magnet than any other "540" available to give you the excessive force
you desire!


  • Four pole 17.5mm diameter x 26mm length rotor
  • Twelve slot stator
  • 13g phase wires with 4mm bullets installed
  • Oversized bearings
  • Sensored
  • Includes sensor wire
  • Minimally vented can


  • Standard 540 size motor
  • 25mm pattern
  • M3 mounting screws
  • 3.175mm shaft
  • 36mm diameter
  • 53mm length
  • 210g (7.4oz) with wires
  • 50,000 rpm max

1 year warranty from date of purchase. Does not include damage from overheating, rusting, or improper installation.