3 Brothers RC G13 672oz 14.4v brushless servo - waterproof

  • $109.99
  • Save $29

* 6-14.4v operation range

* 672oz

* Brushless motor

* CNC'd case, press-fitted pins

* All metal gears

* Waterproofed

* NO BEC NEEDED, plugs directly into esc/battery/receiver (2 plug)


Product Details 

  * Dead band: 2μs

  * Motor: brushless motor

  * Operating Speed (11.1v): 0.12sec/60°

  * Operating Speed (14.4v): 0.10sec/60°

  * Stall Torque (11.1v): 527oz

  * Stall Torque (14.4v): 672oz

  * Dimensions: 40X20X37mm

  * Weight: 71g

  * Connector Wire Length: JR 265mm

  * Bearing: 2BB

Please note that RC Addict orders all servos with Con-formal coating for extra protection.
Con-formal coating: added protection to the internal circuit board; also includes sealant to the wire port.




All our servos come with a 90-day warranty against all manufacturer defects. Water damage/rust, physical damage, or operation out of specified range will not be covered under warranty.